SUPER: Monday, June 14 2010

Another week, another series of words that will make you look silly or clever or boring or crazy.  I figured why not start the week off gayly, by which I mean happily of course…the gayest (happiest) word to add to any other word, or simply to let us know how great you feel: SUPER!

califragilisticexpialidocious (x2)

calafragalistic espialagotious!!! XD

What’s gayer than a lady who flies with a petticoat and umbrella.  One of you did note “.. not a word, I know” but unfriend wasn’t a word before Facebook, and people STILL tell me that ‘Dag Yo‘* isn’t a statement of approval.  I only wish the associated press would finally release a statement on the proper spelling of supercallifra…supercaliphra…BAH!

suoicodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus (I’m feeling contrary today. 🙂

Or…I suppose you could say it backwards…just to screw me up!

duper (x2)


Those words are a’flame, aren’t they??  They’re dripping rainbow sweat and I love it.


Mario Bros.




A migraine is bad enough…a super one?  How do you cope?  Pardon me? Vicodin and a handle of scotch?  Kudos, sir…kudos.

In conclusion (a short one this week)…someone had to take it as far as it could go…a tip of the leather hat and a wink of the heavily mascara’d eye to you, sir:

Thanks for asking! All things considered, i couldnt be better i must say. I’m feeling super! ;3

i’m super thanks for asking all things considered i couldn’t be better i must say.. Omg gay al south park

Bless you, gentle readers.  Bless you.

* Note to the unknowing: I used to say Dag Yo A LOT!  Like, in 2001-2004 it was actually like a sitcom catchphrase.  It was followed closely by ‘fantabulous’ then the drunken high five, and has recently been replaced by improvised songs about collies and haggis.

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  1. After finding the only definition of ‘dag’ in my dictionary to be that of removing sheep dung that got stuck in their wool, the catch-phrase became somewhat disturbing. I thought, “Surely you don’t expect that.” Fortunately, I am now comfortably aware of other definitions, though still none sound particularly logical.

    • Nice 😉 I never heard that meaning of Dag, but then again…when I heard a meaning of ‘dude’ I wasn’t too pleased. Hence why I use ‘Dood’ now 😉

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