BUG: Tuesday, June 15th 2010

Yesterday’s results weren’t super, but when I BUG you it seems everyone is keen to associate words!  Hah?? ‘Cause…yesterday’s word was super? And today’s is…

YOU DON’T KNOW FROM JOKES!  Here with BUG are your associations:


FURRRRIES! 😉  Good call…took awhile for this one to come through, but I guess when you’re the most recognizable bug in a tight-knit community it has to happen.  Also, thanks to @2_gryphon for commenting…I have now been retweeted several times, all it took was celebrity support!

Twitter! 😀

Did you see the Twitter bug that repeated tweets like, thirty times yesterday?

Did you see the Twitter bug that repeated tweets like, thirty times yesterday?


In the system

NEEEEERRRRDDDS! 😉  And nerdier:

Software! </nerd>

I wonder if I could find a word that could NOT find it’s way back to a video game, computer system, or sci fi show.  CHALLENGE TO ME!

Did you see the Twitter bug that repeated tweets like, thirty times yesterday?

Bugs… they dance too! *listening to 50’s music*

Jitterbugs do, yes.  I have to muse aloud…who came up with the term ‘jitterbug’?  When I think of a jitterbug, I think of a spastic beetle.  Am I alone??

Bug Me Not!

…OK…what do you wanna do then?

Bug me!

I don’t know what to do anymore!!


I prefer my bugs butter free.  Or is it that I prefer my butter bug free?


Is this the ‘jumping on a chair’ screaming or the ‘QUIT BUGGING ME!’ kind?  Poor bugs…their name, as a verb, is so annoying!

Catcher! 😀

Another confession: I love bugs!  I have a tattoo of an ant on my shoulder.  I don’t let people kill bugs in my house.  You must safely catch them and let them outside…so if you mean ‘humane bug catcher’ then thank you.  If you mean one that drowns them in a sea of delicious sugar water…I’m watching you with unblinking eyes…like a bug…

Hunt (x2)

Are graboids bugs? One ‘Hunt’ response came with the following addition: Game over man, game over!” EDIT: I was ‘nerdily’ corrected!  The Bug Hunt is clearly a reference to Aliens and I forgot this because I cheer for the alien, who I find very attractive, and don’t think of them as bugs but rather stud muffins. Thanks for the correction…nerd!!

-ery! *giggles*

I’m watching you too!  Beware if you ever visit Oklahoma…they got laws against that! You could go to jail for up to 10 years!!! I should know!  I’ve tempted fate there many…erm…NEXT!


I saw a VW Bug driving around…had a South African flag out the window.  Confused me.

Grace Hopper

After having it explained…I consider this to win BEST NERDY RESPONSE as it sums up the majority of computer associations with a stumper.  Kudos. And ‘Hopper’ sounds like a buggy name too!

And there you have it!  If you would like to join in, simply follow me @Potoroo.  Comments are appreciated and fill me with joy juice! Cya tomorrow!

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  1. Bug hunt? Why would one? Whyyyyy?

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