Late Entries – Week of June 7th

Some of you are late to the game. I’m not one to punish those who are slow to the finish line as I am usually tardy myself. …did you notice the subtle insults?  TEE HEE! Therefore late entries come out on weekends, so you have something to do between World Cup games and trying to find something to do in the evening because there are no World Cup games.

EARLY: (actually last friday, but wasn’t followed up)

Our meany-pants McInsulty (…kidding) has given a follow up on his ‘FUCK YOU’ response to the word early:

I read your new word blog. LOL I should add “I was late to my own birth, dammit, and I LIKE it that way!” Early can fuck off!

That clears that up!



Oklahoma…or John Woo??


…furries 😉 Crazy…crazy furries 😉


I was asked ‘Try to figure out my thought process on that one!‘ Is it such a good idea to ask me that?  I honestly thought of someone…breaking wind…so hot…it steams.

…it steams…


Better, Best

A superlative sequence…if he had answered first I may not have thought Good leads to Bad 😉


True to the Tword of the Day…I skipped an entry.  Like, literally.  I saw it, thought “That’s a neat answer,” and subsequently forgot to put it in the blog.  I apologize…the word donor is probably getting a complex since this isn’t the first time this has happened!!!

Duck, Duck, Goose

Such an odd answer!  Brought to you, by the way, from the same source of ‘Good, Better, Best,’ ‘Broken Bones’ and ‘Early…Fuck You.’ Among my most favouritist word associators.  Oooooh…maybe I should have a word associator of the week!  Your prize is I draw attention to you and embarrass you in front of a bunch of people you may not know!  GOODIE 🙂



This one makes me as happy as the ‘Skip It’ answer.  They ‘didn’t’ skip it.  Also, this ‘Eventual Goal’ was the first entry after I posted the blog…I guess they eventually got around to it.

And our two first Facebook entries:


Job Interview

Both admirable goals…one gives a goalie boundaries, the other potentially removes them from an unemployed, poor applicant.

…please…someone hire me…

Finally…our explanation of ‘Goal-Finger’ and it’s just as I expected:

An evil Bond villain who plans to overthrow the world by stealing the World Cup and mobilizing an army of football hooligans.

Kudos, sir.  Kudos.

Again, during the week you can join in the fun by following me @Potoroo.  Generally words are announced around 10ish and I close up ship and post the blog around 2ish.  Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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