GOAL: Friday, June 12th 2010

Ah yes…delicious!  World Cup fever is here and, as usual, I’m cheering for the African teams.  Even sweeter because it’s IN Africa!  My favourite team of all time is the 2002 Senegal team, and this year I cheer for Cote d’Ivoire…I mean, they’re against Brazil, Portugal AND North Korea.  Either they lose in the first round or they win…and their country is nuked.

Today I asked you to associate a word with GOAL and here’s what I got:



Oooh!  Motivational!  I have a book on Life Coaching…joyous read.  It’s also nice to see ‘oriented’ being used in a positive way other than ‘sexual’ or rather than something racist.


I am surrounded by nerds…but spreadsheetery?  Really?

lose 20 pounds

weight loss

I knew weight would come into it somehow.  I’m currently working towards a goal that’s related to weight loss, directly but not completely.  My goal is to take my shirt off this summer.


…your goal is internet explorer?  Or is this what you scream when you achieve it?  AIEEEEE!


…the irony is that the word associator is Australian…isn’t the goal to avoid the stereotypical ‘criminal’ history??  Unless you meant Jail as in GAOL, which…is clever…kudos!

high school jocks who beat up nerds

Interesting goal!  Is it to mentor the jocks?  Or is that the goal of a high school jock?  An instinct that cannot be quelled.





LUV IT!  It actually took me a bit to figure out ‘tender.’  Which makes me feel slow and stupid.  Honestly, my first thought was ‘What…your goal is to…tenderize something?’  Me dumb.

Shaolin Soccer

YES!  The best kind of soccer!  Imagine if Japan wins the World Cup…because they studied the flick and no one can stop them?!?

I end with the one that…just…doesn’t make sense to me…if anyone can help me out please do ’cause I’m stumped, earning the associator the STUMPED award!


The only thing I can think of is ‘Goal-Finger’ like ‘Goldfinger.’  If I’m right…then you all owe me a drink!  GOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!

Remember, to take part simply follow me @Potoroo and chime in.  I normally try to do Word Association every weekday morning around 10ish, and usually shut down at 1:30ish. Late entries will be included in a weekend edition!

Please, tell me what you think of the blog version of my Twitter word association.  Should I get clearances to have people’s twitter accounts associated with their words?  Should I organize the data in a different way?  Do I talk too much, too little, or just right?  Comments are great to help get me off the ground.

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  1. When I said “IE” I meant as in Goalie 😛 But interesting take on it 😛

    • …I think I’m just slow today 😉 it’s World Cup fever, I tell you! My England shirt is giving me the intelligence of…well…of Rooney 😉 Forgive me 😉

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