SKIP: Thursday, June 10 2010

I outsourced this one.  In the car this morning I mentioned how depressing the word ‘broken’ had been, and how the word ‘good’ was just as bad.  I originally contemplated ‘snuggle’ but that was shot down quickly by Growler…who suggested the word SKIP.

Despite fears that people would answer ‘this word’ I went ahead.  Here are your responses:

to the loo (X3)


to my lou (X2)

HOW CHILDISH!  No, honestly, child-ish, as in ‘sorta like a child.’ Nevermind…


I love the irony of this one…because you didn’t.



GAMES!  I love it.  I’ve never played Skipbo…it sounds like something the Little Rascals would play with a stick, a ball, and a window.


I had to actually ask about this one! I’m slow. It’s an Arrested Development reference. The Skip’s Scramble is a breakfast dish served on the show in a few episodes. 🙂 …I literally finished that series only three weeks ago.  I’m dumb!


…peanut butter…awesome!


I have a confession…I was a good boy in school.  I hope this doesn’t make me lame with all of you.  I never…skipped…school.  In fact, I was only late once, and it was because my spring-loaded alarm clock finally busted after like six years of use.  Kudos, gentle school skipper.  You have lived a life I can only dream of.  Speaking of dreams…

Hurry! Hurry hard!

My official favourite response of the day.  And considering most people seem to have ‘skipped’ today, I’ll end there.  Having grown up on curling more than hockey. I would LOVE to be a curler…Hurry Hard is a part of my life…mind out of gutter, gentle reader

…mind out of gutter.

Remember, to take part simply follow me @Potoroo and chime in.  I normally try to do Word Association every weekday morning around 10ish, and usually shut down at 1:30ish. Late entries will be included in a weekend edition!

Please, tell me what you think of the blog version of my Twitter word association.  Should I get clearances to have people’s twitter accounts associated with their words?  Should I organize the data in a different way?  Do I talk too much, too little, or just right?  Comments are great to help get me off the ground.

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