GOOD – Wednesday, June 9th 2010

I have a strange feeling that, yesterday, the cats of the world collectively peed in everyone’s cheerios.  So, to help bring happiness back to the globe I have chosen a word (and tossed it via @Potoroo) that CANNOT be turned to grief: GOOD!  The first three replies??




I hold a football of happiness out in open for you…and you go and kick ME instead! No, honestly, I love this answer ’cause three came in quick succession, is a pop culture reference, and all were humbling.  Don’t try to manipulate the crowd, Roo…they’ll manipulate you back.


I believe this is a nod to the subway commercials…it sounds SOOO tasty, but the commercials are SOOOO annoying! Why can’t they get radio commercials right?? Annoying on purpose, you know…’cause you hear it once you never forget…therefore…successful.  Stupid marketing.  On the subject of food:


Good call!  Good GRAVY! definitely. Mmmm.. poutine. Yes…this fills me with joy juice.


Good times!  Totally is!  Yes…YES!  I’m feeling all uplifted!



We’re sinking again, my friends.  I guess Goodbye isn’t so bad…Good Riddance?  It came with the following caveat: “I wasn’t gonna say it, because I didn’t want to be a downer after yesterday’s and you were trying to pick a happy word for today……but my initial association was “riddance”. XP” In other words, he TRIED to be happy…but the word good just couldn’t do it for him.

Perhaps tomorrow’s word should be ‘Snuggle’


You’d think this one was good…like “I love Fabricland for it’s selection!”  Nope:

good= fabricland will be closed at the end of july!


golly miss molly

You win awesome music reference of the day, sir. I have also randomly decided that red is the colour of awards.  We’re all growing here. Or are we…


Yesterday I had ‘Borked’ and today I have ‘Jorb!’ What strange beasts you are.



…day to stay home.

I agree, gentle wordster.  Though I always find it funny…I feel trapped in my house in bad weather…yet my gut reaction is a desire not to leave.  Psychologists…have any answers?


Amen…good god…time for a break!

Please, tell me what you think of the blog version of my Twitter word association.  Should I get clearances to have people’s twitter accounts associated with their words?  Should I organize the data in a different way?  Do I talk too much, too little, or just right?  Comments are great to help get me off the ground.

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  1. Haha! Some of these answers are good sex. Good times. 🙂 (Btw, you forgot me! insert whine here)

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