BROKEN – Tuesday, June 8th 2010

A perfect tword for today…considering yesterday I was so broken I literally laid on a couch for the day drifting in and out of alertness.  So much so that I couldn’t think of words.

Before I get into it a big thank you to @welnis for his help developing a logo for this page!  Once it’s up and ready…well…you’ll see it…cause it’ll be here!

Now, the tword of the day and the responses that it spawned: BROKEN

…what a happy bunch you are today, folks

Heart (x2)

hearted (x2)

Although followed by both ‘I have no idea why it came to mind first‘ and ‘*sappy*‘ it still makes me wonder.  Can ‘broken’ be happy? Let’s move on:

Sea Urchin

…a sea urchin broke you?  You found a broken sea urchin.  Wait a second…SEA URCHIN???





Please!!!  Broken home?!?  Really?  I’m starting to think I should designate Tuesday ‘happy’ day and choose something like ‘fluffy’ or ‘snuggle’


If it ain’t, don’t fix it, right??  OK, that was light hearted.  Kudos.

Broken Back Mountain – the movie about gay, grammatically correct cowboys.

From our resident humourist, once again, broken has not made me teary.


…it sounds funny…I don’t know what it means, but…it doesn’t sound like misery.


And we’re back.  I love how broken tends to equate to old.  I’ve seen broken young people and things!!!  Ow…my hip…

That seems to be it for today…I guess everyone else is too depressed to even think of a word association with ‘Broken.’  Chipper up, everyone!  Things aren’t that bad!!! 🙂

Once again!  Seek me on Twitter @Potoroo if you wanna join in the weekday morning fun, usually around 10-10:30 and dying down around 12:30.

Please, tell me what you think of the blog version of my Twitter word association.  Should I get clearances to have people’s twitter accounts associated with their words?  Should I organize the data in a different way?  Do I talk too much, too little, or just right?  Comments are great to help get me off the ground.

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