EARLY – Friday, June 4th 2010

There have been many words before today, but they were all leading up to this moment…when I finally collect them and share them with the world!  When, instead of firing and forgetting, I write and remember!  And it is now, this momentous occasion…when many of you show your disdain for me.  Disdain?  I don’t know if that’s strong enough.

The word being EARLY, here are the associations:

Early —> Fuck You


too fucking

Too fucking early is cool.  Early…fuck you…really?  I totally get that mornings can suck, but come on guys…do I need to start a swear jar?  It should also be noted that the blatant attack ‘was’ followed with:

(That my association; it’s not meant to be personal)

I know it wasn’t personal…but you swore at an unspecific representation of a block of time.  I’m keeping mental notes.

Other words were more positive:





The last obviously referring to ‘early bird getting’ which one person specified as ‘early Roogoyl (sic) gets the worms before the birds?‘ Species shout out…awesome!  I especially like ‘allnighter’ ’cause early is always a special time after an allnighter.

Now come the clever folk:


warning system

These ones got me…unexpected, well used, kudos.  And from the usual suspects of cleverness.

I saved…the best?…for last.  It was explained as (going for morbid here) and wins the MORBID AWARD.  Maybe I should make the morbid award common?  Wait for it…wait for it…


Remember…you can tell a lot about a person by the words they choose.  In this case…well, I gave you an award, so I guess you done good.

I may do a weekend word association, I may not.  Hell, I may toss one on tonight to see how evening word associations go!  I mean, this is all experimenting and all that jazz, right?

Please, tell me what you think of the blog version of my Twitter word association.  Should I get clearances to have people’s twitter accounts associated with their words?  Should I organize the data in a different way?  Do I talk too much, too little, or just right?  Comments are great to help get me off the ground.

Dag yo!

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